Stephen Pankratz - Founder

Stephen Pankratz is the Founder of Nuvate. While at Nuvate, Stephen invented and developed a novel surgical device and assets that were acquired by Bard (recently acquired by B.D.).  Stephen also spearheaded the development of the Binovi Touch, a tool now used by optometrists across the world, and marketed by Eyecarrot (CVE: EYC). Prior to founding Nuvate, Stephen led the successful launch of 7 surgical and interventional product lines in Canada for 3 separate multi-national companies.  Stephen graduated with distinction from the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University, and subsequently from the Masters in Biotechnology program at the University of Toronto.

Isaac Hanekamp - Digital Marketing & Strategy

Isaac is a digital marketing strategist with a focus on launching and scaling e-commerce based projects. He began his career by drop-shipping products online, and subsequently became an expert in online modelling, testing, and building scalable and predictable online sales funnels. Isaac has worked with many brands and organizations, successfully expanding their online presence and reach.  Recently, Isaac was instrumental in the launch of a new  subscription-based streaming service.  Isaac is passionate about applying his skillset to the launch and expansion of novel products and devices.